The Internet Is Applauding This Person Who Just Shut Down Anti-Vaxxers Using Their Own Logic

It’s hard to say who is more passionate, anti-vaxxers or those who enjoy shutting them down. Well, recently an anti-vaxxer was shut down epically for the second time. A Tumblr user, who later deleted their post, shared their strong stance on why everyone should re-think vaccines. As many people have done in the past, one commenter responded with the scientific facts and statistics that support vaccinations.

But, it never hurts to double down on facts or present an argument from a new angle so this time another online user responded to the same post in a fresh, brilliant way. Instead of arguing this user decided to use the anti-vaxxer’s logic against them. Scroll down below to find out why this user says if you question vaccines you should question everything.

This post encouraging people to ‘re-think vaccines’ has been making rounds online

So someone came up with a brilliant response using the same logic

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People loved the satirical response

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