50 Of The Most Disturbing, Stomach Churning Things That Have Happened On The Internet

January Nelson Updated November 2, 2018 0 Sometimes the internet is a scary place. Just ask these people from Ask Reddit.  1. I wound up chatting with someone online about the ethics of cannibalism. It was an engaging chat – he was intelligent and well-spoken, and I like to try and…

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Khloe Kardashian Shares Words Of Encouragement After ‘Brutally Broken’ Message – Perez Hilton

Khloé Kardashian is “proud of you”! After sharing a cryptic message about being “brutally broken,” on Thursday, the KUWTK star went on Instagram to share the (above) pic of wearing a sexy pink blazer. Now that’s what we call HOT PINK. Video: Khloe Goes Into Labor Amid Tristan Cheating Scandal…

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Lana Del Rey Goes HARD After Azealia Banks On Twitter! – Perez Hilton

The beef is real! As we reported, after Kanye West shared a photo of himself wearing a MAGA hat, Lana Del Rey SLAMMED the rapper on Instagram, calling him out for his “narcissism.” On September 30, a Twitter account believed to belong to Azealia Banks then accused Rey of pretending…

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How to win at Overwatch: BEST jump tricks on Volskaya Industries

The oft-maligned Volskaya Industries nonetheless has plenty of jump routes available for cunning players.

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Overwatch Tips and Tricks: 5 OVERPOWERED Combos that win EVERY teamfight

Footage Courtesy: OGN/CJ E&M, ESL/Turtle Entertainment GmbH, Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

Special Courtesy to Pangy for play #3 via reddit.com

Aiming to get Play of the Game? We’ve got you covered.

Timing and communication make all the difference but if you know which heroes can team up for game-changing Wombo Combos, your Play of the Game dreams can come true!

Take notes from the pros and fellow Overwatch community members — here are five proven OP combos for you to learn.

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Song: Catas & Kasger – Blueshift [NCS Release]
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Song: Kasger – Highland [NCS Release]
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This Week in Esports: Caps’ Faker-Like Outplay, Zai Tricks Arteezy, and Stone Cold Steve Harvey

From Zai pulling off a classic Grade 6 prank on the big stage to one of the most face-palm inducing wrestling reference blunders of all time, it’s been one heck of a week in the world of esports.

Thankfully, Colin McNeil, Josh Bury and Nic Doucet are here to help you make sense of the madness.

Or make it worse — no promises.

Courtesy List:

Goldenglue Saviour of Bugs
2017 NA LCS Summer Split
Courtesy: Riot Games

2017 HOT6 GSL Season 2
Courtesy: GSL

A Double Oops in CS:GO
PGL AM Qualifier
Courtesy: PGL

The Legendary Assassin in Born
2GGaming: Nairo Saga
Courtesy: 2GGaming

Ally’s Perfect Spacing
2GGaming: Nairo Saga
Courtesy: 2GGaming

Khan’s Escape
2017 LCK Summer Split
Courtesy: OGN, Riot Games

Zai Makes RTZ Look
Courtesy: Epic Esports Events

YapzOr’s Godlike Steals
Courtesy: Epic Esports Events

The Legends of Stone Cold Steve Harvey
2017 Summer NA SPL
Courtesy: HiRez Games

Sharyk Forces Overtime
The Overwatch Contenders
Courtesy: Blizzard Entertainment

A Comedy of Errors from North Academy
Binary Dragons Cup – Season 6
Courtesy: Binary Dragons

Caps Solo Kills Perkz
2017 EU LCS Summer Split
Courtesy: Riot Games

The Wombo Combo
2017 Mid-Season Brawl
Courtesy: Blizzard Entertainment

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Gwyneth Paltrow Confirms Shes Married As More Wedding Deets Come Out! – Perez Hilton

As we reported, the actress and TV producer Brad Falchuk “It was gorgeous — the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen.” Sounds like quite the affair! Thankfully, Gwyn and Brad had all the celebrity help they could get. Photo: Apple Is Gwyneth’s Twin Now! During the wedding, Steven Spielberg reportedly acted…

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What do esports pros do that consistently set themselves apart from the pack? Why do the best teams always seem to win? How can I increase my personal performance in competitive video games? This video details 5 critical habits that the best esports players and teams all share, and how you can start incorporating them into your own matches today. Do you agree? Disagree? Do you wish to add some habits of your own?! Let me know your thoughts below. Remember to like the video and subscribe here for more Raynday Gaming:

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5 expert habits of professional esports players

Nick Cannon Responds To Kanye West’s Social Media Rant:’I Am Going To Give My Opinion’ – Perez Hilton

Nick Cannon is going to speak his mind, no matter what. As we reported, on Thursday, Kanye West went on social media to blast the America’s Got Talent host for doing a recent interview where he makes comments about former flame Kim Kardashian. Related: @Kanyewest holla at me!! Let’s get…

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Teens know social media is manipulative, but are using it more anyway

Don't you just want to tell them to stand up straight?!Image: Getty Images Whoa, the teens really are woke. The organization Common Sense Media released a research report on Monday that aims to paint a picture of the role that social media plays in teens’ lives. Entitled ‘Social Media, Social…

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Instagram finally lets users ask to get verified

Blessed be the badge! Like some sort of verification Oprah, Instagram will soon give the gift of requesting a blue checkmark to us all.  Now, rolling out worldwide, everyone will have the ability to ask Instagram to publicly verify their accounts. A “verified account” is one that has a blue…

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Will Smith Posts Hilarious Birthday Tribute For ‘Queen’ Jada Pinkett Smith! – Perez Hilton

That said, we’re pleased to report Will Smith is still head over heels in love with “Queen” Jada Pinkett Smith. The post included a recent snap of the couple sharing a quick nap while on board an airplane paired with a second, sillier throwback photo of them rocking matching Adidas tracksuits.…

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Chilling effects

The removal of conspiracy enthusiast content by InfoWars brings us to an interesting and important point in the history of online discourse. The current form of Internet content distribution has made it a broadcast medium akin to television or radio. Apps distribute our cat pics, our workouts, and our YouTube rants…

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This Instagram account tells the history of women’s self-expression through hair

Humans have evolved in innumerable ways over the centuries, but some aspects of human nature remain largely unchanged.  One of those aspects is our tendency to express ourselves through hairstyles. And, this Instagram account is charting women’s self-expression using their hair throughout history.  SEE ALSO: Instagram on desktop is way…

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