5 Tips to Improve Your Desk / Gaming Setup

•Wooden Headphone Stand:
•Acrylic Headphone Stand:
•Alt. Headphone Stand:
•Cable Clips:
•Cable Wall Channel:
•Ikea Signum:
•Cable Gutter:
•Cable Management Box:
•Corsair K70 RGB Keyboard:
•RGB LED Light Strip:
•Air plants:
•Portal Figure:
•Notti Notification Device:
•Aura Box Notification Device:
•Pop Figures:

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The Responsibility of Immortality: Welcome to the New Transhumanism

In the summer of 1990, I was running a pretty weird nightclub in the Roppongi neighborhood of Tokyo. I was deeply immersed in the global cyberpunk scene and working to bring the Tokyo node of this fast-expanding, posthuman, science-fiction-and-psychedelic-drug-fueled movement online. The Japanese scene was more centered around videogames and…

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