Heartwarming Photos Of The Walking Dead Star With His 3 Rescue Pit Bulls Will Melt Your Heart

From kicking ass to kicking down stigmas, actor Jon Bernthal of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ is using his platform to advocate for pit bulls. Through social media posts and video PSA’s, the longtime animal activist shows off the sweet and lovable side of these dogs with the help of his own pets. The newest addition to his furry family is a rescued pit he calls Lil Bam Bam Bernthal, who he adopted in 2017.

The actor posted a heartwarming photo of Bernthal’s four-legged son, in which he encouraged others to adopt, “Rescue a Pit Bull. They just may rescue you back. Big love.”

It may not shock you to find out that his love for animals is genetic. His father is the chairman of the board of the Humane Society of The United States (HSUS), who he partnered with on a PSA against animal cruelty. In addition to HSUS, the 40-years-old actor has become one of the faces for The Majority Project by the non-profit Animal Farm Foundation. The goal of this campaign is to shine a light on the breed with positive images from owners.

While Bernthal likes to focus on the peaceful side of these animals, he himself has gotten physical over them. In an interview, the actor admitted that in 2009 he knocked a guy out cold once to defend his dog Boss. The guy was drunk and had followed the pair after being warned not to touch the pit bull. The encounter ended up with Bernthal in handcuffs, and while he’s not proud of the fight, it’s clear nobody should try to mess with this man’s dogs.

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Bernthal currently has three pit bulls, Lil Bam Bam, Boss and Venice. Scroll down below to see some adorable photos of the actor and his canine companions.

More Info: Instagram | Twitter | IMBD

‘The Walking Dead’ actor Jon Bernthal might look badass but he has a kind heart

Bernthal has adopted three rescue pit bulls and is an outspoken advocate for the breed

 His goals are to show a softer side of pit bull’s, encourage people to adopt them, and fight abuse against them

The actor has partnered with The Humane Society of The United States for anti- animal cruelty campaigns PSA’s

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Speaking out against puppy mills and dog fighting 

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And with the non-profit Animal Farm Foundation for their ‘Majority Project’

Which spreads positive images of owners and their pit bulls

He posted heartwarming photos with his newest family addition ‘Lil Bam Bam’

Who he adopted in 2017

Jon Bernthal has proved he will do anything for his dogs

Even if it means getting in some trouble

In 2009 the actor was put in handcuffs on Venice Beach, CA

After he knocked a drunk man out cold for grabbing at his dog ‘Boss’ and following the pair down the beach

I guess everyone learned that day you don’t get between a man and his pit

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