From to Sting to Ed Sheeran: The celebrities who saved the day – BBC News

July 1, 2017

Image copyright Getty / D Dipasupil / Stringer Image caption Sting at a benefit concert for global equality in New York In charity terms, the pop superstar is perhaps best known as a guardian of Brazil’s threatened rainforests – or, in one memorable episode of The Simpsons, as the leading light of the charity record We’re Sending Our Love Down the Well – but there are more strings to Sting’s…


Vanderpump Rules Stars Tom Schwartz & Katie Maloney SLAM Divorce Rumors: ‘We Are Madly In Love’!

June 30, 2017

Just like the drinks at SUR, Tom Schwartz & Katie Maloney‘s relationship is strong AF! Recently, E! News spoke to the Vanderpump Rules stars at Kyle Chan‘s 3rd Annual #LoveCampaign Party at Lisa Vanderpump‘s restaurant where the couple sets the record straight about their first year of marriage. Related: Everyone says the first year of marriage is the hardest, but it’s been like 89 percent blissful.” “Tequila Katie” believes the…


The Most Important Burger Moments in History

June 29, 2017

Given how many hamburgers humans put away a year, its hard to imagine a time when the fast food favorite didnt exist. In actuality, that time wasnt all that long ago. While David Michaels traces the origins of the dish back to 1st century Rome in his new book, The World is Your Burger: A Cultural History, the modern version, he notes, really began showing up in the late 1800s….


ETFs Need a Name to Stand Out, Even If That Name Is Quincy Jones

June 28, 2017

Quincy Jones is now at the helm of the ETF spaghetti cannon. In a new, potentially quixotic, attempt to stay relevant, distributors of exchange-traded funds are no longer content with branding their products with star investors like State Street Corp. did with DoubleLine Capital LP’s Jeffrey Gundlach. Instead, they’re turning to actual celebrities. Exchange Traded Concepts LLC in conjunction with Vident Investment Advisory, is the first to try this, licensing…


17 things you never knew about ‘Chocolate Rain,’ one of YouTube’s earliest viral hits

June 25, 2017

Back in the late aughts, it was still something of a novelty to have internet celebrities. YouTube had been around for a few years, but it was mainly used to share clips from existing media sources like TV and film.And thats where people like Tay Zonday, whose real name is Adam Nyerere Bahner, came in. While at the time of his rise to stardom there had already been song-based memes…


Thanks, Disney: ‘Cars 3’ co-stars a proud butch lesbian

June 24, 2017

Cars 3Disney/Pixars latest entry in the enduring franchisewhich once symbolized the end of a great studios golden ageis powered by a diverse, talented cast. co-stars Latina comic Cristela Alonzo as Cruz Ramirez, a scrappy young trainer who dreams of becoming Americas next drag racing superstar. Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson), now past his prime, agrees to train the ingenue. Its with less euthanasia. Kerry Washington, Cheech Marin, and Tony Shalhoub round…


8 Reasons Why Being 19 Is Your Hardest Year

June 19, 2017

Adulting is hard. Its especially hard when youre thrown into it before youre even ready. This is exactly what being 19 is like. Youre no longer a teenager safely under your parents wings. Youre thrown out of the nestand told to fly. So, basically, a lot of 19 is falling and falling . Weve all been there and can totally sympathize. It does get better, believe me. But, up until…


Rebel Wilson Wins Defamation Suit Against Magazine Publisher

June 18, 2017

The Sydney-born actress, who appeared in Hollywoods Pitch Perfect films, said articles published by Bauer Media claiming she had lied about her age, real name and some childhood experiences cost her significant acting roles and income. Neil Hall / Reuters After four weeks of hearing testimony from Wilson herself, local journalists and several Hollywood celebrities, the jury of six at Victorias Supreme Court found unanimously in her favor. I really…


Lorde’s stunning new album proves young people need space to make mistakes

June 17, 2017

The world has missed Lorde. The New Zealand pop singer(real name: Ella Marija Lani Yelich-OConnor) rocketed to global superstardom at age 16 when she released her debut album, Pure Heroine, and its chart-topping single, Royals, in 2013. Since then, shes largely evaded the public eye, taking a break from touring and releasing sporadic updates about her second album, Melodrama. Upon first listen, its easy to see why she waited so…


Corinne Olympios Releases Statement: ‘Something Bad Obviously Took Place’

June 16, 2017

Chris Harrison, hold onto your weave, because things are getting rough in Paradise. Hell hath no fury like Corinne Olympios, and shes taking matters into her own hands. On Wednesday, it was announced that she has hired a legal teem to seek justice, and Corinne released a lengthy statement about what shes been going through. Corinne says she doesnt remember what happened on June 4th, but something bad obviously took…


General election 2017: What caused Labour’s youth vote surge? – BBC News

June 16, 2017

Labour’s adverts had consistently been shared more widely by social media users, he said. Part of this appears to be down to the difference in tone of the adverts. While the Conservatives had almost entirely focused their adverts on the strength of Prime Minister Theresa May and the weakness of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Labour’s social media adverts had been more positive, seeking to emphasise that the party was building…


Wonder Woman is greatbecause it had to be

June 5, 2017

Diana Prince, the demi-goddess of Themyscira who saves the world from Nazis, first made her comics debut back in October 1941s . It was so popular with readers that she was given her own solo series just a year later. But the girl with the golden lasso would have to sit on the sidelines while all her male counterparts got a shot at Hollywood. George Reeves donned Kal-Els cape in…


The Nicki Minaj-Taylor Swift-Katy Perry Feud Just Saved the VMAs

And here everyone was saying the VMAs were irrelevant Its been years since MTV has regularly played music videosthe medium it built its brand and its popularity onand its been years of mockery when the network unveils its annual list of Video Music Award nominations. As the award show evolved into a trolling pop spectacle with waning cultural influence and shrinking viewership numbers, the cultural grand jury made its ruling:…

May 20, 2017

Actress Elizabeth Hurley awarded phone-hacking damages – BBC News

“There are hundreds of victims of phone hacking and press abuse. “Ms Hurley’s very generous donation will fund our work to support and campaign on their behalf.” Image caption (L-R) Kevin Keegan, Patsy Kensit, Lord Archer, Michelle Collins, Joe Swash, and Denise Van Outen received damages from Mirror Group Newspapers in April In April Lord Jeffrey Archer and his wife Dame Mary Archer, football manager Kevin Keegan, actress Patsy Kensit,…

May 18, 2017

Is Trump Trying to Kill the EPA, or Just Starve It?

The Trump administrations internal battle over the environment is shaping up, with some surprising combatants on both sidesand a giant question mark in the middle, in the shape of the president himself, who this morning proposed a 30 percent cut in the Environmental Protection Agencys budget. On one side are the pragmatists, such as Defense Secretary James Mattis, who told the Senate Armed Services Committee that climate change is real…

May 14, 2017