7 New Dating Apps To Try Out If Your Love Life Is Feeling Bleak As Ever

July 2, 2017

Summer is notoriously known as uncuffing season. The weather gets hot, you wear less clothing, and couples, for some reason, feel the need to break up. What is it with 90-degree weather and people deciding they’re not in love anymore? Hookup season is also at its highest around this time, but so is your competition on dating apps. It can be rough out there.Every time I go to a pool…


6 Ways To Feel Like A Celebrity When You Are Actually Basic AF

June 19, 2017

Ah, celebrities. Theyre so crazy constantly doing things that look uncomfortable, irrational, unsafe, and meaningless, just because they can. I totally get it and I would, too. I have this theory that part of why we love terrible reality TV shows that feature young, beautiful, and often stupid people is because deep down we get to feel like them tan, gorgeous, rich if only for half an hour. So, how…


Kylie Jenner Beat Katy Perry And J.Lo On ‘Forbes List Of 100 Highest Paid Celebs

June 14, 2017

We get it,Kylie Jenner.Youre rich AF. With her insanely popular beauty products, Kylie Lip Kits, games, apps, shared clothing line with Kendall, countless product endorsements, two (count them, TWO)reality TV shows, and a super famous family, the youngest Kardashian/Jenner sister could retire today and live the rest of her life eating caviar for breakfast if she wanted to. (Caviar is like expensive, right?) Coming in at number 59 on list…


Love Island: What’s the big deal? – BBC News

June 10, 2017

Image copyright ITV Executive assistant Chloe, 22, says she’s come on the programme “looking for the love of my life”. Image copyright ITV Oil rig worker Sam, 21, introduced himself by saying: “I pull birds for a living.” Image copyright Twitter After the third episode there was a lot of debate over whether Camilla was too “boring” because she failed to kiss or fall in love with anyone in the…


Why The Daily Mail Loves Lurking Outside Ivanka Trumps Front Door

June 8, 2017

On any given day, the Daily Mails homepage is a trove of hyperventilating news headlines, can't-look-away photos of cosmetic surgery gone wrong, and–during the summer and holiday seasons–as much celebrity skin as the tabloids paparazzi can fit in a WeTransfer file after a day camped outside stars homes and around their beach towels. Last Friday, however, the British-born rag gifted readers with a story best described as the Daily Mail-on-steroids:…