Fans Think Calvin Harris’ New Song With Katy Perry Disses Taylor Swift

Calvin Harris just dropped Feels, a single from his upcoming fifth studio album called, and hes not kidding when he says funky wave bounces.

This song is seriously a jam. Ive only listened to it twice and the chorus (sung by none other than Katy Perry) is already stuck in my head.

The song features Pharrell Williams, Perry, and Big Sean. The rest ofcomes out on June 30.

We already knew Perry was going to be featured on a song on the album thanks to when Harris announced the album on his Instagram on May 10.

Right from the start, fans assumed the song was meant to throw shade at Taylor Swift, who has been in a fight with Katy Perry for five lonnnnggggg years.

And now that the song has been released, we have the lyrics to all but confirm that Feels might be about Harris time with Taylor Swift.

Elite Daily reached out to Harris team for the real confirmation, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

It starts off with a Pharrell verse and the pre-chorus:

Well nothing ever last forever, no
One minute youre here and the next youre gone
So I respect you, wanna take it slow
I need a mental receipt to know this moment I owe

Do you mind if I steal a kiss? (Chop, chop)
A little souvenir, can I steal it from you?
To memorize the way you shock me
The way you move it here (Hey)
Just wanna feel it from you (Hey)

Then comes the Katy Perry chorus:

Dont be afraid to catch feels
Ride drop top and chase thrills (Hey)
I know you aint afraid to pop pills (Hey)
Baby, I know you aint scared to catch feels
Feels with me

After two more Pharrell verses and the chorus, we get a verse from Big Sean:

Goddamn, I know you love to make an entrance
Do you like getting paid or getting paid attention?
You mixed the wrong guys with the right intentions
In the same bed, but it still feel long distance
Shes looking for a little more consistency
But when you stop looking you gon find whats meant to be
And honestly, Im way too done with the hoes
I cut off all my exes for your x and os
I feel my old flings was just preparing me
When I say I want you, say it back, parakeet
Fly in first-class through the air, Airbnb
Im the best you had, you just be comparing me to me
Ima at this at you, if I put you on my phone
And upload it, itll get maximum views
I came in through in the clutch with the lipsticks and phones
Wear your fave cologne just to get you alone

The rest of the song is just repeats of the chorus with Big Sean echoing Perry.

Lets point out some of the obvious, shall we?

First,if these lyrics are about anyone other than Taylor Swift, I would beshocked. The internet agrees.

Now lets point out the linethat had me QUITE shook.

Goddamn, I know you love to make an entrance
Do you like getting paid or getting paid attention?


To me, this is a direct reference to Swifts very public relationship with Tom Hiddleston. There is lots of speculation that the relationship was fake, and that the first pictures released of them kissing on a rock in Rhode Island were staged.

These pictures circulated not long after Harris and Swifts breakup, which Harris semi-addressed on Twitter.

First, he unfollowed Swift and blocked some of her fans. Then, he tweeted, Oh boy its about to go down.

Safe to say he wasnt pleased about the whole Tom Hiddleston thing.

I would now like to redirect your attention to the date the above tweet went out: June 15, 2016.

Today is June 16, 2017. Literally one year after the Tiddleston romance was revealed.

And that, my children, is the only proof we need that Feels is about Taylor Swift.


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