Fan throws shoe at Justin Bieber for refusing to sing ‘Despacito’

Justin Bieber can’t seem to win.

Back in May, the heartthrob caught flack for attempting to sing his hit collaboration with Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee“Despacito” even though he doesn’t speak Spanish. This week, though, fans are mad that he won’t perform the song live.

Onstage at the Summerfest festival in Stockholm, Sweden,over the weekend, the singer took a minute to explainwhy he wouldn’t be singing the smash hit.

I cant do that specifically, the 23-year-old said tothe audience. I dont know the words I cant do it.

It looks like the crowdwas receptive for the most part, cheering and waving their phones as Bieber smiled and sipped bottled water. But then moments later, a beige blur whizzed past hishead. It was a shoe, apparently. A shoe of defiance.

In a testament to Bieber’sreflexes, he was able to dodge the projectilepretty easily:

He kept his cool in the moment, politely requesting ofaudience members, Dont throw things at me, please,before launching into his next song.

For the sake of Bieber’s fans’ sanityand his own safetyit might be time for him to learn these lyrics.

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