Elizabeth Banks blasts Steven Spielberg, forgets about ‘The Color Purple’

While accepting her award from the Women in Filmnonprofit,an organization dedicated to promoting equal opportunities for women, Elizabeth Banks called out legendary director Steven Spielberg.

On Tuesday Banks took the stage to accept the crystal award, whichhonors the excellence of women in film.During her speech, Banks expressed her frustration with Hollywood and the lack of female protagonists. Banks told the audience to take their kids to see films with strong female roles. She then went on to say Spielberg has never made a movie with a female lead.

I went to Indiana Jones and Jaws and every movie Steven Spielbergever made, and by the way, hes never made a movie with a female lead. Sorry, Steven. I dont mean to call your ass out but its true, Banks told the crowd.

In reality of the 30feature films Spielberg has directed, a few hadfemale leads. Somefilms include The Sugarland Express, which starredGoldie Hawn, The Color Purple, and The BFG. Spielberg is likewise directing the upcoming film The Papers with Meryl Streep .

In no means is that a very large list of filmswith female leads from such an established director in Hollywood, but Banks’ wordingburied her overarching message. While Banks meant for her speech to bring light to the representation of women in Hollywood, she instead stirred trouble with Twitter by not mentioning The Color Purple, which featured a predominantly African-American cast.

Late Tuesday Anne Thompson, an editor at IndieWire, tweeted that The Color Purple was a flop. Thompson has since deleted her tweet and apologized, but Twitter is not holding back. Banks’ celebrity status is also causingTwitter users to accidentally accuse herof being the one who tweeted about the flop.

Banks clearly meant well, so let’s hope the message is not fully lost.

Update 6:45pm CT, June 15:Banks took to Twitter Thursday evening and apologized.

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