Celebrate The 30th Birthday Of The GIF With The 15 Best Celebrity Reaction GIFs Of All Time!

Cheers to you, GIFs!

Holy moly, we can’t believe it’s been 30 years now since people have been using the GIF (and arguing over how it’s pronounced just as long)!

The “graphics interchange format” made its debut to the world by Steve Wilhite of Compuserve in June of 1987 — and since it has given us treats like this:

And this:

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So, in honor of this special day, let’s take a look at some of the best celebrity reaction GIFs of all time (below)!!

1. Tina Fey‘s epic eye roll:

2. Adele‘s fierce AF snapping:

3. Barack Obama‘s mic drop:

4. James Van Der Beek‘s cry on Dawson’s Creek:

5. Tyra Banks letting you know “we were all rooting for you!”:

6. Michael Jackson eating popcorn in suspense:

7. Mariah Carey *still* doesn’t know her:

8. Kim Kardashian West lurking:

9. Nicole Kidman clapping like a seal:

10. Chrissy Teigen‘s ugly cry:

11. Kim K.’s even-worse ugly cry:

12. Kevin Hart‘s signature shocked face:

13. Rihanna serving up shade:

14. Oprah Winfrey giving EVERYONE a car:

15. Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port acting excited AF:

What’s YOUR favorite??

LOLz! Keep GIFing, bbs!

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